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Traditional and Contemporary Koto Music
Masumi Timson

Masumi provides a variety of musical sessions, depending on your needs: solo performance, or collaboration with shakuhachi (Japanese traditional bamboo flute), or other western instruments such as piano, flute, violin, and harmonica etc.. She greatly enjoys the unique musical experience of collaborating with other instruments from different parts of the world, which brings cultures together and help develop cultural awareness. She believes this proves that music is boundless, and that we can bring peace to the world through music. Masumi teaches Koto Club at Willamette University and at her own studio in Salem, Oregon, and performs solo and with musical groups and artists both in Japan and the USA.

Masumi has performed in festivals, exhibitions and shows, corporate events and promotions, weddings, funerals, public libraries, schools, retirement homes, museums, Japanese gardens, and restaurants. She periodically presents Japanese koto music demonstrations at Portland Japanese Garden.

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