Masumi Timson





Traditional and Contemporary Koto Music performed by Masumi Timson


Masumi Timson and Richard Crandell released Pacific Bridge, an album of Koto and Mbira music The album is available here, including samples of all tracks.

Masumi Timson and Fumino Ando, recording as 'Matcha Latte', released six songs as the CD 'Picture Dreams', available on CD Baby with samples of all tracks.


Masumi Timson performs at festivals, exhibitions and shows in the USA and Japan. Her shows include celebrations of Japanese music, and English retellings of Japanese stories accompanied by Koto music, for children and for adults. She also gives talks about traditional Japanese instruments and music for museums with exhibitions of Japanese instuments.

Working alone, in a group playing Japanese music, or with a symphonic band, Masumi has performed at

  • Festivals in Japan, and Japanese-themed festivals in the USA
  • The World Consular Corps Banguette
  • The NIKE International World Leadership Summit
  • The funeral for the Grammy Award Winner John Fahey
  • The World Beat Festival
  • Corporate events and promotions
  • Private gatherings and celebrations


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