Masumi Timson


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The Sakura Koto Ensemble

Masumi organizes and directs The Sakura Koto Ensemble, a group of musicians based in Oregon who play traditional Japanese instruments. The group performs at various venues on different occasions, sometimes collaborating with western musical instruments including the flute, violin, piano, harmonica, and accordion.

Matcha Latte (Koto/Violin

Matcha Latte is a collaboration of the Koto, played by Masumi Timson, and the Violin, played by Fumino Ando. Matcha Latte combines the esoteric nature of traditional and contemporary Japanese music with Tango, Jazz, and Mozart, and blends the instruments and music of Eastern and Western cultures in a moving and uncommon musical synthesis. Their album, Picture Dreams, available on CC Music, blends these two widely divergent instruments in a collection of the most beloved tranditional and contemporary Koto works, to create a vibrant and ambient musical soundscape that soothes and inspires.

The Blue Bird Trio (Koto/Accordion/Piano)

The Blue Bird Trio combines the esoteric nature of traditional Japanese music with thedrama of the Tango, the improvisatory free flowing nature of Jazz, and the transparent beauty of Debussy. Courtney Von Drehle on accordion, Kazue Suzuki on piano andmelodica, and Masumi on Koto, blend the instruments and music of Eastern and Westerncultures in a moving and uncommon musical synthesis. The Blue Bird Trio has performedin Japan and Oregon.

Pink Martini

Masumi has worked frequently with Pink Martini. Here's an example of their collaboration.

Confluence (Koto/Mbira/Guitar)

Collaboration album with Richard Crandell, Mbira and guitar, available at Amazon.

Pacific Bridge

Album from Masumi Timson and Richard Crandell released 2014, Koto and Mbira music The album is available at Amazon, including samples of all tracks. A review can be found here.


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