Masumi Timson


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Masumi Timson holds a Master's degree (師範 – Shihan) in Koto from the Seiha Conservatory of Japanese Traditional Music. She plays both classical and contemporary Koto music, and sings Japanese classical songs with koto and shamisen accompaniment. She enjoys collaborating with a variety of western musical instruments to explore a wide range of musical genres from Jazz, Blues, and Tango to Mozart.

Masumi participated in the recording of several Pink Martini albums including 1969 with legendary Japanese singer Saori Yuki. She has performed with the band at various venues, including New York's Carnegie Hall and The Town Hall, Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl and The Music Center, the Grand Rex in Paris, Blue Note Tokyo, Tokyo Kokusai Forum and Tokyo Billboard Live in Tokyo.

Masumi organizes and directs The Sakura Koto Ensemble. You can see more information about it on the Collaborations page.

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