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I am Simon Slavin, who once traded as Thread Software but I'm now more interested in Big Fraud. My web site is and my email address is now slavi ns@.bi_gfraud.o rg without any spaces or underlines.

Technical stuff

Non-technical stuff

I host a site pages for Masumi Timson, talented Koto and Shamisen player.

Film track-lists

I really like a couple of films which have a ton of music tracks in the background. Although you can find a list of the tracks in the credits it can be difficult to answer the question "What did they start playing when we saw Katie dusting the bannisters ?". Here are my answers questions like those for ...

Heinlein-related stuff:

Personal stuff

If you don't understand what I'm talking about at any time, itmight help if you read

My email address is nearly, but not quite,